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830 Phone Directory:

Directory City,State Link
830-200Pleasanton, TXView
830-201Marble Falls, TXView
830-202Cotulla, TXView
830-203Gonzales, TXView
830-204Hondo, TXView
830-205Batesville, TXView
830-206Big Wells, TXView
830-207Fredericksburg, TXView
830-208Carrizo Springs, TXView
830-209Catarina, TXView
830-210Charlotte, TXView
830-212Del Rio, TXView
830-213Eagle Pass, TXView
830-214New Braunfels, TXView
830-215Kenedy, TXView
830-216Floresville, TXView
830-217Sutherland Springs, TXView
830-218Luling, TXView
830-219Carrizo Springs, TXView
830-220Marble Falls, TXView
830-221New Braunfels, TXView
830-222Floresville, TXView
830-224Pleasanton, TXView
830-225Johnson City, TXView
830-231Gillett, TXView
830-233Boerne, TXView
830-234Barksdale, TXView
830-235Marble Falls, TXView
830-236Westhoff, TXView
830-237New Braunfels, TXView
830-238Hunt, TXView
830-239Runge, TXView
830-240Carrizo Springs, TXView
830-241Asherton, TXView
830-242Knippa, TXView
830-243Seguin, TXView
830-245La Coste, TXView
830-246Medina, TXView
830-248Boerne, TXView
830-249Boerne, TXView
830-250Nixon, TXView
830-251Floresville, TXView
830-253La Vernia, TXView
830-254Karnes City, TXView
830-255Carrizo Springs, TXView
830-256Campbellton, TXView
830-257Kerrville, TXView
830-258Kerrville, TXView
830-259Pleasanton, TXView
830-260Poteet, TXView
830-261Uvalde, TXView
830-263Gonzales, TXView
830-264Christine, TXView
830-265Marble Falls, TXView
830-266Lytle, TXView
830-267Pearsall, TXView
830-268Pleasanton, TXView
830-269San Antonio, TXView
830-270Poth, TXView
830-274Charlotte, TXView
830-275Uvalde, TXView
830-276Poteet, TXView
830-277Charlotte, TXView
830-278Uvalde, TXView
830-279Uvalde, TXView
830-281Pleasanton, TXView
830-282Del Rio, TXView
830-283Runge, TXView
830-284Smiley, TXView
830-285Kerrville, TXView
830-286Stockdale, TXView
830-287Sutherland Springs, TXView
830-289Tarpley, TXView
830-290Del Rio, TXView
830-291Brackettville, TXView
830-292Uvalde, TXView
830-293La Pryor, TXView
830-294Eagle Pass, TXView
830-295Crystal City, TXView
830-296Sabinal, TXView
830-297Bandera, TXView
830-298Del Rio, TXView
830-299Kenedy, TXView
830-300Pipe Creek, TXView
830-301Jourdanton, TXView
830-302New Braunfels, TXView
830-303Seguin, TXView
830-304Fredericksburg, TXView
830-305Seguin, TXView
830-306Del Rio, TXView
830-307Fredericksburg, TXView
830-308Del Rio, TXView
830-309Del Rio, TXView
830-310New Braunfels, TXView
830-312New Braunfels, TXView
830-313Del Rio, TXView
830-315Kerrville, TXView
830-317Pearsall, TXView
830-319Eagle Pass, TXView
830-320Del Rio, TXView
830-321Floresville, TXView
830-322Carrizo Springs, TXView
830-323La Coste, TXView
830-325Eagle Pass, TXView
830-326Dilley, TXView
830-327New Braunfels, TXView
830-328Bandera, TXView
830-329Kerrville, TXView
830-330Johnson City, TXView
830-331Boerne, TXView
830-332Pearsall, TXView
830-333Uvalde, TXView
830-334Pearsall, TXView
830-335Eagle Pass, TXView
830-337Uvalde, TXView
830-339Gonzales, TXView
830-341Pleasanton, TXView
830-342Fredericksburg, TXView
830-343Kerrville, TXView
830-345Lytle, TXView
830-346Castroville, TXView
830-351Luling, TXView
830-352Eagle Pass, TXView
830-353Kerrville, TXView
830-355Castroville, TXView
830-357Boerne, TXView
830-358New Braunfels, TXView
830-360New Braunfels, TXView
830-363D Hanis, TXView
830-365La Pryor, TXView
830-367Ingram, TXView
830-370Kerrville, TXView
830-372Seguin, TXView
830-373Fowlerton, TXView
830-374Crystal City, TXView
830-376Batesville, TXView
830-377Kerrville, TXView
830-379Seguin, TXView
830-383Fredericksburg, TXView
830-385Marble Falls, TXView
830-386Seguin, TXView
830-387New Braunfels, TXView
830-388Boerne, TXView
830-391Floresville, TXView
830-392Blanco, TXView
830-393Floresville, TXView
830-399Pleasanton, TXView
830-400Kenedy, TXView
830-401Seguin, TXView
830-402New Braunfels, TXView
830-406Seguin, TXView
830-407Uvalde, TXView
830-410Hondo, TXView
830-420Marion, TXView
830-421Eagle Pass, TXView
830-422Del Rio, TXView
830-423Hondo, TXView
830-424Leesville, TXView
830-426Hondo, TXView
830-427Marion, TXView
830-428Boerne, TXView
830-429Somerset, TXView
830-431Boerne, TXView
830-433Seguin, TXView
830-437Cost, TXView
830-438Bulverde, TXView
830-443Boerne, TXView
830-444Hondo, TXView
830-445Gonzales, TXView
830-446Boerne, TXView
830-448Crystal City, TXView
830-452Christine, TXView
830-454Johnson City, TXView
830-455Devine, TXView
830-456Fredericksburg, TXView
830-457Big Wells, TXView
830-459Kerrville, TXView
830-460Bandera, TXView
830-461Del Rio, TXView
830-463Seguin, TXView
830-468Asherton, TXView
830-469Del Rio, TXView
830-477Gillett, TXView
830-480Pleasanton, TXView
830-481New Braunfels, TXView
830-483Cotulla, TXView
830-484Poth, TXView
830-486Uvalde, TXView
830-488Del Rio, TXView
830-490Poth, TXView
830-491Seguin, TXView
830-494Luling, TXView
830-496Kerrville, TXView
830-498Eagle Pass, TXView
830-499Asherton, TXView
830-500New Braunfels, TXView
830-505Pearsall, TXView
830-507Del Rio, TXView
830-510Pipe Creek, TXView
830-513Eagle Pass, TXView
830-514Kenedy, TXView
830-515New Braunfels, TXView
830-519Gonzales, TXView
830-521Castroville, TXView
830-522Bandera, TXView
830-529Pipe Creek, TXView
830-532Campbellton, TXView
830-534Gillett, TXView
830-535Pipe Creek, TXView
830-538Castroville, TXView
830-541Devine, TXView
830-542Floresville, TXView
830-544Uvalde, TXView
830-547Seguin, TXView
830-549Seguin, TXView
830-554Blanco, TXView
830-555San Antonio, TXView
830-556Seguin, TXView
830-557Seguin, TXView
830-560Seguin, TXView
830-562Tarpley, TXView
830-563Brackettville, TXView
830-569Pleasanton, TXView
830-570Pleasanton, TXView
830-572Gillett, TXView
830-573Brackettville, TXView
830-577New Braunfels, TXView
830-579Campbellton, TXView
830-580Jourdanton, TXView
830-581La Vernia, TXView
830-582Nixon, TXView
830-583Kenedy, TXView
830-584Hondo, TXView
830-587Smiley, TXView
830-589Medina, TXView
830-590Marion, TXView
830-591Uvalde, TXView
830-597Camp Wood, TXView
830-602Crystal City, TXView
830-606New Braunfels, TXView
830-608New Braunfels, TXView
830-609New Braunfels, TXView
830-613Marble Falls, TXView
830-620New Braunfels, TXView
830-622New Braunfels, TXView
830-623Karnes City, TXView
830-624New Braunfels, TXView
830-625New Braunfels, TXView
830-626New Braunfels, TXView
830-627New Braunfels, TXView
830-629New Braunfels, TXView
830-630Pipe Creek, TXView
830-631Pleasanton, TXView
830-632New Braunfels, TXView
830-634Center Point, TXView
830-635Poteet, TXView
830-637Marble Falls, TXView
830-639Kingsbury, TXView
830-642La Coste, TXView
830-643New Braunfels, TXView
830-644Stonewall, TXView
830-645Christine, TXView
830-649Kerrville, TXView
830-660New Braunfels, TXView
830-663Devine, TXView
830-665Devine, TXView
830-667Fowlerton, TXView
830-669Doss, TXView
830-672Gonzales, TXView
830-676Artesia Wells, TXView
830-683Rocksprings, TXView
830-685Willow City, TXView
830-688Bandera, TXView
830-693Marble Falls, TXView
830-694Crystal City, TXView
830-698Cotulla, TXView
830-701Somerset, TXView
830-703Del Rio, TXView
830-708New Braunfels, TXView
830-709Lytle, TXView
830-714Bulverde, TXView
830-715La Coste, TXView
830-716Somerset, TXView
830-719Del Rio, TXView
830-722Gonzales, TXView
830-723Luling, TXView
830-724Seguin, TXView
830-725New Braunfels, TXView
830-726Lytle, TXView
830-727Castroville, TXView
830-728Marion, TXView
830-729Doss, TXView
830-730New Braunfels, TXView
830-732Center Point, TXView
830-733Fredericksburg, TXView
830-734Del Rio, TXView
830-739Kerrville, TXView
830-741Hondo, TXView
830-742Poteet, TXView
830-743New Braunfels, TXView
830-746Pearsall, TXView
830-752Eagle Pass, TXView
830-754Asherton, TXView
830-757Eagle Pass, TXView
830-758Eagle Pass, TXView
830-762La Coste, TXView
830-765Del Rio, TXView
830-767Jourdanton, TXView
830-768Del Rio, TXView
830-769Jourdanton, TXView
830-770Jourdanton, TXView
830-771Charlotte, TXView
830-772Lytle, TXView
830-773Eagle Pass, TXView
830-774Del Rio, TXView
830-775Del Rio, TXView
830-776Eagle Pass, TXView
830-777Kerrville, TXView
830-778Del Rio, TXView
830-779La Vernia, TXView
830-780Karnes City, TXView
830-783Poteet, TXView
830-784Christine, TXView
830-787Del Rio, TXView
830-788Waelder, TXView
830-789Gillett, TXView
830-792Kerrville, TXView
830-796Bandera, TXView
830-798Marble Falls, TXView
830-815Boerne, TXView
830-816Boerne, TXView
830-822New Braunfels, TXView
830-825Round Mountain, TXView
830-832New Braunfels, TXView
830-833Blanco, TXView
830-834Rocksprings, TXView
830-835Blanco, TXView
830-837New Braunfels, TXView
830-841Cotulla, TXView
830-842Dilley, TXView
830-843Pearsall, TXView
830-844Devine, TXView
830-845Somerset, TXView
830-846Christine, TXView
830-847Campbellton, TXView
830-848Kenedy, TXView
830-849La Vernia, TXView
830-850Bandera, TXView
830-851Devine, TXView
830-854Crystal City, TXView
830-856Willow City, TXView
830-857Gonzales, TXView
830-864Harper, TXView
830-865Seguin, TXView
830-866Mountain Home, TXView
830-867Brackettville, TXView
830-868Johnson City, TXView
830-869Johnson City, TXView
830-872Eagle Pass, TXView
830-875Luling, TXView
830-876Carrizo Springs, TXView
830-879Cotulla, TXView
830-888Gonzales, TXView
830-889Fredericksburg, TXView
830-890Kerrville, TXView
830-893New Braunfels, TXView
830-895Kerrville, TXView
830-896Kerrville, TXView
830-900Uvalde, TXView
830-914Marion, TXView
830-928Kerrville, TXView
830-929Boerne, TXView
830-931Castroville, TXView
830-934Knippa, TXView
830-947Sutherland Springs, TXView
830-955Kerrville, TXView
830-963Dilley, TXView
830-965Dilley, TXView
830-966Utopia, TXView
830-967Waelder, TXView
830-968Eagle Pass, TXView
830-971Eagle Pass, TXView
830-980Bulverde, TXView
830-984Johnson City, TXView
830-985La Coste, TXView
830-986Blanco, TXView
830-988Sabinal, TXView
830-989Marble Falls, TXView
830-990Fredericksburg, TXView
830-991Fredericksburg, TXView
830-992Fredericksburg, TXView
830-995Comfort, TXView
830-996Stockdale, TXView
830-997Fredericksburg, TXView
830-998Fredericksburg, TXView
830-999Catarina, TXView